Reading Wars

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Do you want to understand his level of frustration and despair? You will be stunned to find out what he is being expected to do without assistance. It's nothing short of heartbreaking. And all his embarrassment, plus the work avoidance it causes, is totally avoidable. As we always point out it is our boys who suffer most. Ongoing failure is crippling. Use the Ease into Reading card sets to reverse the damage and set up the interactive pathways involved in reading in an alphabetic language such as English.

Long term criticism of how extremely developmentally inappropriate 'whole word guessing' was, and still is, continues to fall on deaf ears.

Test your student's / child's VAS (visual attention span) & more. $45 dollars per student per year. No auto renew. That's your choice.
Test / teach with our resource / check progress / repeat … the program does the rest - automatic written reports at the press of a button.
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