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  • Learning Deficits
  • VAS + Teaching Approach
  • Combination
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There are certain deficits that can make learning more difficult than it is for the general population.

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Students with a learning deficit AND Low VAS and/or Low Phonics have a triple disadvantage to overcome.

The older these students are the more difficult the task of remediation is. The gap grows alarmingly in such cases.

An experienced, well informed tutor will be required. Having said this I have witnessed magical improvement with a highly structured, sequential, multi-sensory approach.

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Students with no learning deficits are failing to learn to read due the combination of :
a)VAS development and teaching practice in the early grades.
b)VAS development and poor phonic skills in mid primary.

Given a different teaching approach the same students are likely to succeed.

It is rare to find a learning difficulty that is clear cut. Most learning related difficulties turn out to be a cluster of difficulties. Sometimes a 'primary' difficulty can be identified that explains other difficulties. One of the most common is an Attention Deficit where distractibility links to a limited ability to focus resulting in a loss of opportunity to learn.

In the footnotes you will find links to various learning deficits and/or disorders. The stories in each link give a snapshot of various primary difficulties and how they compare with other difficulties to create an overall impression, which is all we can accomplish without writing a book on each area of concern.

VAS (Visual Attention Span) + Teaching Approach
Large numbers of children fail, not due to any learning difficulty, but as a result of a mismatch between their visual processing capacity and the way they are taught.

By large numbers we are talking of around 30% of children in each class who are impacted by this alone. Many are incorrectly diagnosed as having a Learning Disability. Still others are considered to have behavioural problems, when in fact they are displaying frustration born of long-term failure - having received a) no constructive assistance or b) assistance that is ineffective, which serves to exacerbate their already low self-esteem.

You need to explore this common problem before assuming a Learning Difficulty.
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