Make no mistake:
Once established, ‘guessing’ habits create future resistance to learning to blend, segment and process left to right.

This page is mainly for Tutors, Therapists, Homeschoolers, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Aides, Carers, Mentors - anyone who can offer the time to help a student in need of it.

The Resources suggested here are but 3 of the many quality resources on offer. They were chosen to assist those who are not sure how to judge the quality of a resource. They all provide everything you require and it is just a matter of what you feel would best suit you and your student/child.

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Intervention is more complex than it once was.

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See Sam’s Story & Eve’s Story in
the CONSEQUENCES section.

Simply finding out where the child is up to and teaching with the intent to close the gap is no longer enough.

Students who suffer early failure due to low VAS coupled with a Whole Language (low phonics) approach will fail at the outset.

Ongoing failure leads to low self-esteem and possible behavioural issues such as task avoidance, withdrawal, disruptive behaviour, fear, stress and anxiety.

The longer the student has suffered failure the more entrenched his/her difficulties become.

Students who suffer later failure due to high VAS coupled with a Whole Language (low phonics) approach will begin to fail around grade 4/5.

NB Inaccurate whole word guessing and context dependence impacts negatively on later learning.

Eliminating unhelpful guessing habits is more difficult than learning new skills but that is what is required. It’s tough on both the student and the tutor.



a) based on systematic/synthetic phonics b) learner centred c) cognitively age appropriate d) geared to ability level rather than age based e) accompanied by explicit tutor notes f) suitable for individual or small group g) compatible with similar phonic resources h) offer both ‘for purchase’ & free supporting worksheets i) include email, blog, website or video support.

All of the resources on this short list, have all of the above attributes and all are VAS Theory compatible.

‘Phonics Unlimited’ is our own in-house programme. Jean Harrison is the author.

‘Spelfabet’ Comes highly recommended. Allison Clarke is the author.

‘All About Learning Press’ Highly supportive. Marie Rippel is the author.

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Phonics Unlimited

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Phonics Unlimited is based on the
TASSI (Trace And Sound Sensory Imprint) approach.

It is a multi-sensory approach.

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Phonics Unlimited can be viewed and purchased by clicking the Blake link below.

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  • Phonics Unlimited has 4 levels, covering words from ‘cat’ to ‘catastrophe’.
  • The Manual contains assessment that provides an appropriate starting point.
  • Further, there are levels within the levels to ensure the best opportunity to learn the target sound for the LD student, the average student and the student who thrives on a challenge.
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The Phonics Unlimited Series teaches active phonics; that is, all newly learned sounds are blended into words and the words are, in turn, used in sentences. Students are writing meaningful sentences from UNIT 1 onwards.
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  • Letter and letter combination sound knowledge
  • Blending of sounds & syllables (prefix & suffix)
  • Word building skills / spelling rules / grammar
  • High frequency regular & irregular words
  • Homophones / Antonyms / Synonyms
  • Sentence structure / punctuation / paragraphs
  • Comprehension / Question formation
  • Dictation
  • Rather than a simple sequential approach, Phonics Unlimited is cyclical.
  • The new learning in each worksheet group is consolidated over the following 4 sets of worksheets.


Preventing literacy failure & shifting the whole bell curve up

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The Spelfabet shop has affordable, downloadable spelling teaching resources + the best ever video teaching library + a blog with an attached email service.

@spelfabet Alison Clarke, Speech Pathologist who's tired of being a literacy ambulance, and wants more prevention of casualties.

All About Learning Press

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All About Reading is a complete program that teaches phonics, decoding, fluency, and comprehension in a fun and engaging way.

Easy to Teach
As a parent, you all appreciate our easy "open and go" format, which allows you to relax and teach the program with little, if any, prep time. In fact, our lesson plans teach you as you go, providing tips for teaching as you need them. You'll find that the lessons are logical and organised in a simple, step-by-step order that is easy for you to teach and easy for your child to understand. And every lesson includes built-in review, so your child will retain what he or she has learned.



All About Spelling teaches encoding skills, spelling rules, and multisensory strategies to help your student become a proficient speller for life.


To reinstate systematic phonics into all infant classrooms throughout the English speaking world. That is, give the greatest number of children to best start in reading, making them fully independent readers and writers.


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